1. First and foremost you all should know that we are a Russian Hacking Team with our roots spread worldwide.

2. Our mode of operation is simple, if you are interested send message to our contact handles in any of the platforms and tell us what you need. We will give you instructions and clarity on how to help you place an order with us. 

3. After payment is received and confirmed by us, you will provide your details requested as you were instructed to receive your order.

4. We are precise in our communication and deals with our old and new clients.

5. Before contacting us ensure you have made up your mind to use our service rather than contacting us and saying otherwise.

6. We don’t welcome time wasters communicating with us.

7. We don’t accept the use of vulgar words.

8. Our services are safe, secured and guaranteed to work. 

9. If any hiccups should occur in your dealing with us we will opt by giving you an alternative to to ensure we deliver and make our client happy.

10. We are here to work with you and for you as such we are open to those that wish to do business with us. 

11. We are the best hacking platform you can get online, we have been in business for over 27 years now. before now we have been dealing in darkweb.

Please follow the instruction of our sales rep to ensure things go smoothly as you wish and thanks for your co-operation with us.

Welcome to RUSSIANHACKERS.SU where people are made Millionaires.